The surfboard, built from foam and fibreglass is a fragile commodity that every surfer idolises and will do anything to protect. Step in Rhino International, a company formed from the very necessity to protect. With everyday use and international travel a threat to the safety of a board, Rhino developed a range of board bags that would offer the surfer suitable protection at a competitive price.

From here the product range expanded to include tie downs and seat covers with generations of professional and recreational surfers buying Rhino products to get to and from the beach and lesson the onslaught of the airport baggage handler. Without the advent of interchangeable fin systems, glass on fins too where extremely vulnerable and Rhino designers developed and tested the first gusseted board bag. The extra space at the rear of the bag allowed surfers to pack their fins so that the hardships of long distance travel would be rewarded with and intact surfboard at the end of the flight, so perfect waves could be discovered.

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