What better way to enjoy time on the water than in a Kayak. Sitting into or onto a modern, stable kayak with its padded comfortable well supporting back rest and grabbing hold of a lightweight aluminium paddle will open up a world of possibilities for anyone who has the slightest sense of adventure.

With so many designs for so many different uses there’s definitely a kayak out there for you. Kayaks for open sea, kayaks for lakes, kayaks for slow moving water and kayaks for fast moving torrents, kayaks for waves and kayaks for long distance paddling and cruising. These days most kayaks are made from a high tech, almost indestructible plastic, available in a large range of colour choices. Kayaking is one of those sports that requires very little instruction but a bit of common sense will keep you safely enjoying your new toy wherever you decide to go.

Throw together a pack lunch and a few other supplies pop them in a waterproof bag and head for that river that you’ve seen from the road so many times and wondered what it is like down there. Calmly paddling with the flow of the river, not making a sound and sneaking up on nature in its natural environment. With a bit of homework and some sound preparation, and a few companions, any river journey can turn in to one of those memories for life, an adventure you won’t forget. So, whether you’re looking for the one Kayak to suit the whole family such as a Perception Scooter or the Bic Ouassou or you need a more dedicated Kayak for your specific needs, feel free to drop in to Surf N Sail and we’ll get you sorted.

See you on the water!

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