Kitesurfing is probably the most extreme watersport you can do. Jumping higher than a house, travelling as fast as a speedboat, riding the biggest waves you can find or doing those tricks that would tie you up in knots, it’s all possible under a kite and there’s no sport like it on the planet. To quote an early Pioneer of the sport, ‘You would have to burn Rocket Fuel to get a bigger bang for your buck’ (he was American).

Kitesurfing started when the Leganioux brothers decided to build the Wipika Kite nearly 20 years ago. Since then Kitesurfing has exploded into the Extreme Sport that you can see on many beaches around the world.

Here in Kerry we are blessed with wide open sandy beaches that are ideal for learning to Kitesurf. The new range of Kites have come a long way from the original Wipika and now kitesurfing has become a much safer and more accessible sport for beginners while at the same time a more extreme sport for the die hards.

If you fancy a nice relaxed cruise along the coast or perhaps riding the best waves in the county or maybe you would like to jump 40 feet out of the water then Kitesurfing can let you get whatever thrill you want.


Drop in to us at Surf N Sail to see what the latest Kitesurfing equipment has to offer or maybe to see what type of harness to buy or to have a look at the new range of kite specific Surfboards or just a chat about who is the best kitesurfing instructor around.

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