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Amphibia X2Bag

Made from ultra durable materials and is highly water resistant

Packs in all your gear with comfortable carry position
Fold-out changing mat to stand on
Detachable waterproof pouch stores wetsuit & wet/dirty/sweaty gear
Messenger Bag style allows to easily fit in lockers & fold flat in transition
Meets airline regulations for carry-on luggage.

Product Description


Top triathlon bag but also ideal for numerous other sports, the Amphibia X2Bag is for those who have plenty to carry and compete in rugged circumstances – whether surfing distant beaches, mountain biking in stormy conditions, open water swimming, triathlon transition or beach kayaking… you have plenty of gear, want to keep your wet and dry stuff apart and could use a neoprene changing mat for standing on.

The X2Bag’s outer material is highly water resistant and has a waterproof core for storing wetsuits, towels or wet gear. There’s a mesh pocket on one side for storing drinks/tools and a velcro loop on the other side for attaching equipment – helmet, pump, kitchen sink etc. The shoulder strap contains a padded section for comfort and a zip pocket for storing valuables. There you have it – the Amphibia X2bag. Its everything you want to be – rugged, strong, smart and dependable. It wont let you down, particularly if the weather does!